Identification Portability:

In accordance with Colorado state law, SVVSD accepts gifted identification portability from Colorado districts. Identification is reviewed to ensure it meets current state identification requirements. Review of records will take place within 45 days after the student is registered in the St. Vrain Valley School District.  If the identification is transferred,  parents and the student will be notified and an Advanced Learning Plan will be drafted within 60 school days. If identification does not meet state requirements, additional testing may be required.

For support with portability requests, please contact Rebecca Upthegrove at upthegrove_rebecca@svvsd.org

If your student was identified in another state, please provide gifted education records to our office for review.  It is our sincere hope to make the transfer of identification as streamlined as possible for families and educators.

Department policy provides a protocol for students who are identified in another state, or waiting transfer of identification, to be labeled as “program and monitor” ensuring a continuum of services.

Please be advised that while identification often transfers, programming may differ. Questions regarding programming should be directed to the school GT representative.