What is an ALP?

What is an Advanced Learning Plan?

Exceptional Children’s Education Act Statute 22-20-103 12.01(2)

Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) outlines a legal, written record of gifted and talented programming utilized with each gifted child and considered in educational planning and/or decision making.


The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is generated  or reviewed annually for all students identified as gifted/talented.

  • The ALP is a working document that is created or reviewed through collaboration with teachers, parents, and students.
  • The ALP is a fluid document that can be updated as needs and goals change.
  • The ALP is a strength based, standards based guide for instruction and differentiation.
  • The ALP is a record of programming, strength based interventions, and collaborative efforts.
  • The ALP in SVVSD is designed to be student lead with support as students move into high school.

What are the components to an ALP plan?

  • ALP plans contain strength based, standards based goals in the student’s gifted  or interest areas.
  • ALP plans contain goals to support social and emotional development, including self advocacy.
  • A record of programming options, interventions, services and/or differentiation options designed to support students.
  • Progress monitoring designed to support data based decisions and reflection for students.


  • The ALP is housed in a shared file system and historical data can be reviewed from year to year.
  • Students at the high school level follow student lead protocols to create an ALP that supports their college and career goals.
  • ALP plans are reviewed or created annually and updated as needed.
  • Progress toward ALP goals is monitored at individual school sites and communicated during conference and report card cycles.