Dispute Resolution

Procedure for Disagreement – Gifted Services

When a question or concern arises regarding the determination made after a review of the body of evidence for Gifted Services, the following progression takes place in order to finalize and validate the designation:

  1. The body of evidence is reviewed by the GT representatives in order to determine if an error was made within 30 days of contact by parents.
  1. If assessment scores are deemed accurate, data is reviewed with parents and the criteria for identification is clarified. Parents may seek outside testing which will be added to the body of evidence and an additional review by the District Coordinators will be requested.  Review of the outside testing will take place within 30 days of submission.
  1. The District Coordinators will review the body of evidence to determine if additional data (provided by parents) changes the designation or suggests more information is needed before a final determination is made. Every effort will be made to include the parents/teachers in this determination process.
  1. Once a complete body of evidence has been gathered and a decision reached by the District Coordinators, the designation will stand until further data is available and reviewed during the next annual GT nomination/evaluation cycle within the school.
  1. If parties neglect to reach a consensus after proceeding through the phases of the Dispute Resolution Procedure, the Director of Student Services, or the Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement may be contacted for review of the body of evidence and a final ruling on the gifted status of the student.