Nomination Procedure

Nomination Procedure: SVVSD


SVVSD identifies students K-12 for Gifted Services.

These students usually:

  • Perform academically at least two years above grade level

  • Display readiness for very advanced or accelerated learning opportunities

  • Require additional academic challenges to support their continued educational growth

  • Demonstrate characteristics of unique creativity and higher level thinking

The identification process begins with an opportunity for parents and/or teachers to refer students for Gifted Services. Once nominated, Gifted Services will identify next steps to determine formal identification, continue to collect assessment data, or move a student to Program and Monitor status within 30 days. Once nominations are received, students are evaluated over a period of time. Performance in classroom settings, state testing data, standardized test scores, and behavioral rating scales are reviewed. Students may also take additional tests to help determine their ability or achievement during the identification process.  For students who have been previously tested, a full review of data is completed before next steps are determined. According to district policy, students can be tested twice in their academic career. Gifted Services will review external cognitive testing if it is providedby the parent or guardian.

Students qualify for gifted services when they score in the 95th percentile in each of the three categories which include: cognitive/talent ability, behavioral/learning characteristics, and achievement, as measured with tools approved by the Colorado Department of Education and the district Gifted Services Department. If a student qualifies for gifted education services, the parents/teachers will be notified and an Advanced Learning Plan will be developed to meet the child’s unique educational needs.

Parents, teachers and/or students can refer candidates for gifted identification consideration. Please contact the GT Representative in your building for a nomination form to begin the process